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How do I get a replacement AQA GCSE certificate?

AQA GCSE certificate
AQA GCSE certificate

How long to get a AQA GCSE certificate online? Copy AQA GCSE certificate. Where can I buy a fake AQA GCSE certificate in UK? Buy fake certificate online. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The equivalent of a two-year secondary school, students can study 6-12 GCSE subjects, with a choice of compulsory subjects (core subjects) and elective subjects.

Compulsory subjects include English, Mathematics, Science (biology, Chemistry, physics), Religious education, Design and Technology, linguistics, etc. Electives include biology, chemistry, physics, business studies, art and design, music, geography, history, French, German, Spanish, etc. As the subjects offered by each school are different, students are advised to read the information provided on the school website before choosing a school

GCSE exams have been made more difficult since the reforms, with almost all subjects now marked 9-1. The 9(highest) -1 (lowest) scale replaces the previous A* (highest) — G (lowest) scale, with 5 being good. The corresponding old and new grades are as follows:

Examination Boards are responsible for examinations and the awarding of certificates. There are several GCSE exam boards and schools can choose different boards for each subject.

There are currently 5 exam boards offering GCSE exams in the UK, including the following:

AQA: It’s the largest exam board in the UK, with more than 3.5 million people signing up for the exams every year.

Edexcel: also known as Edexcel, it is second only to AQA in terms of enrollees.

CCEA: This exam board operates mainly in Northern Ireland and is not generally accessible to domestic partners.

OCR: (Full Oxford, Cambridge and RSA exams) : OCR exams are used by about 10% of British independent schools each year.

C(United Examinations In Wales) : Although WJEC is based in Wales and offers Welsh language exams, most of its exams are conducted in schools in England. Scotland uses SQA.

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2. Why is IGCSE so popular with international students?

IGCSE is Internatioinal General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE is a system of bridging high school courses for international students from outside the UK. IGCSE is also offered in some independent schools in the UK, but the choice of subjects is much more limited than GCSE.

The length of the IGCSE course is usually one year, although some schools also offer two years of IGCSE courses. For one year IGCSE courses, students can choose from 5 to 8 subjects out of a dozen to choose from.


Courses at different levels of IGCSE ability (core and extended) can better differentiate between different levels of students.

The core curriculum is designed to accommodate the majority of students’ abilities, providing the most basic knowledge of the subject, and is suitable for students expected to achieve C to G grades. The extended curriculum is A complement to the core curriculum and is suitable for students with higher academic ability and target grades of A* to E.

Cambridge IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Oxford AQA IGCSE are the main boards of the IGCSE. The MARKING system of the IGCSE is similar to the original GCSE marking system. Presented in the form of A* to G, but each level has clearly defined competency requirements.

IGCSE English as a First Language and English as a Second Languag grades are recognized by many universities. ESL is popular among international students because it allows students to study English as a Second Language.

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3. GCSE and IGCSE in the UK?

The Russell Group says all of its universities treat the GCSE as the same exam as the IGCSE in their admissions process.

Only Cambridge, a member of the Russell Group of universities, said it did not consider Key Stage 4 exam results in its admissions process. The rest said they would consider GCSE/IGCSE results, but did not differentiate between the two courses.

Lucy Powell, A MEMBER of Parliament, said: “The failure of top universities to distinguish between rigorous GCses and the less demanding IGCses adopted by private schools gives private school pupils an unfair competitive advantage.”

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