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Assumption University diploma
Assumption University diploma


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Sedes Sapientiae: Chair of Wisdom

For centuries, Christians have embraced the Virgin as the “chair of wisdom.” (Sedes Sapientiae)

Christians believe that Christ is the heir of wisdom, which means that the Virgin Is the creator of the supreme wisdom of all science.

Universities, on the other hand, are Alma Mater, which means the Madonna is the creator of knowledge. In addition to the literal religious meaning of the Assumption of praise for the Virgin, in Thai it also means “the cradle of knowledge “.

Therefore, we say that the Assumption University is the chair of wisdom.

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Ashoka tree

Buy degree certificate online. Au uses the Ashoka tree as its symbol. The scientific name of the Ashoka tree is “Polyalthea Longifolia Benth & Hook. F. var. pandurata”. It is native to India and Sri Lanka.

The Ashoka tree was chosen for the following reasons:

1.Ashoka trees are evergreen trees. No matter the change of season and time, it is always so vigorous, calm and determined. It symbolizes that AU will fulfill its responsibility to pay attention to the quality of academic research and teaching, and to the moral education of students.

2. The Ashoka tree is beautiful in appearance, majestic and straight, like a pagoda.

3. The name of the Ashoka tree means something else. It comes from the Hindi word “Ashok”, which is the name of King Ashoka. Ashoka was the most famous king of the Buddha’s time, full of worldly and religious wisdom.

4. Finally, the tree was first brought to Thailand in 1957 by the St.Gabriel Foundation of Thailand, the school’s sponsor. The trees were first planted on the campus of St. Gabriel’s University and were named “St. Gabriel Ashoka” by the Thai Department of Forestry on December 15, 1969.

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