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Technische Universität München diploma
Technische Universität München diploma

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Due to its outstanding spirit of innovation and excellent quality of science and education, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was named one of the first three “Elite-UNI” by the German Federation of Scientific Research (DFG), and was listed as the key object of funding and support in the “Future Plan” by the German government. The Technical University of Munich has been ranked number one in the German Ministry of Education’s University Research Rankings (CHE) for many years. The university currently has 3 campuses with 12 departments and 127 majors. The university has over 9000 faculty members, including about 400 professors and 4,200 researchers. There are more than 20,000 registered students.

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The technical University of Munich as advocating education internationalization, talents output global university and is close to universities in the world that have good science and education cooperation, including the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology, Stanford University, Cornell university, the university of Cambridge, imperial college, London, etc., and China’s Tsinghua university, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Hong Kong university of science and technology, etc.

2. Germany comes first

The Technical University of Munich is located in the capital of Bavaria in the south of Germany. It has five campuses, 10 libraries, 500,000 books, and 41,375 students. It is one of the universities with the most concentrated academic resources and the best reputation in Germany.

3. School-enterprise cooperation

The Technical University of Munich has extensive cooperation with many enterprises and research institutes in Europe and even the world.

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