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Language requirements to be met to apply for various types of UK visas

UK visa
UK visa

How to buy a UK visa? Buy a UK visa online. Where to buy a fake UK visa? As we all know, certain language requirements must be met when applying for some UK visas, but the language requirements vary from one visa to another.

Language requirements are also scattered among the immigration rules. Do you feel a little at a loss to know what language requirements you need to meet? Don’t worry! Today we are going to talk to you about the language condition.

First, there are several common ways to meet language requirements.
If you are a citizen of an English-speaking country, you meet the language requirement. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you come from a country where the official or dominant language is English. The Home Office has compiled a list of countries that count as English-speaking countries. These include:

Buy fake UK visa
Buy fake UK visa

Antigua and Barbuda


The Bahamas




The Dominican



New Zealand

Trinidad and Tobago

The United States


A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Doctor’s degree are all acceptable.

If you choose this route, you may provide the following materials:

Degree certificate

Proof of academic recommendation typed on school letterhead

A report card typed on a school letterhead

UK visa sample
UK visa sample

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Route 3: Degree obtained in a recognized English-speaking country (except Canada)

NARIC offers a dedicated application service for immigration purposes that simplifies the application process and speeds up the turnaround time. The current fee is 140 pounds.

NARIC also offers 24-hour or 48-hour express lanes at an additional cost: £174 for 24-hour service and £124 for 48-hour service.

Route 4: If a degree is obtained in a country other than another speaking country, but the language of instruction is English, the language requirement can also be met.

Applicants who choose this route, in addition to the certificate of education, NARIC certificate of education, but also to hand in another NARIC materials: the language of instruction certificate, showing that the applicant’s degree teaching language is English. The full name of the certificate is the Declaration of English Proficiency (ELPS).

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